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“Energy oil” consumer lubricants have sophisticated quality, proved during intensive exploitation conditions and provide smooth and precise engine operation. Due to compliance with ecological standards, our oils are safe for the environment and humans’ health. Among their main characteristics are excellent neutralizing and demulsifying properties, distinguished moisture resistance and low water emulsifiability. These oils’ application field is not limited to automobile or tractor engines use, but embraces trunk and crosshead marine diesel engines, as well as they are suitable for marine and different types of mechanisms lubrication. Comprehensive motor oils range comprises synthetic products for summer and winter use. You may be acquainted with the wholesale engine oil products commodity, available for purchase, on our web site catalogue.


SF engine oils are applied in 1980-1989 relies date gasoline engines, running on ethylene petrol, in condition of manufacturer engine recommendations and instructions availability. They provide enhanced corrosion, oxidation and rust resistance, improved parts’ wear protection, compare to basic APISE class motor oils characteristics, as well as guarantee better carbon deposits and slag protection. API SF motor oils class may substitute once of former API SE, SD, SC classes.

  • Standard Formula SAE 10W30 SF/CC
  • Standard Formula SAE 15W30 SF/CC
  • Standard Formula SAE 10W40 SF/CC
  • Standard Formula SAE 15W40 SF/CC
  • Standard Formula 20W50 SF/CC
  • Standard Formula 10W30 SF/CC
  • Standard Formula 10W40 SF/CC


SG category was approved in 1988. SG category oils were designed for petrol engines use in cars, minivans and light trucks of 1993 and elder production, unleaded gasoline with oxygenates operation. These motor oils’ class provide enhanced deposits and motor oil oxidation protection, secure engine wear resistance, compare to previous oils’ generation, and also comprise special additives, protecting inner engine mechanisms from rusting and corrosion. API SG motor oils comply with API CC and CD diesel engine oils’ requirements. They may be used on API SF, SE, SF/CC and SE/CC class recommendations.

  • Super Formula SAE 10W40 SG/CD
  • Super Formula SAE 15W40 SG/CD
  • Super Formula SAE 20W50 SG/СD


CF-4 is an API class was first blended in 1990. These motor oils’ class may be used in four-cycle diesel engines, which exploitation conditions are related to high-speed performance. API CF-4 motor oils shall comprise appropriate additives, providing oil-burning reduction, along with piston group carbon deposits protection. Such motor oils’ class main application filed are heavy-duty tractors diesel engines and other vehicles, used for long-distance highway travels. Moreover, these motor oils are often double class assigned as API CF-4/S. In this case, considering satisfying engine manufacturer recommendation, the oils may be used in petrol engines as well. API CF-4 oils quality requirements exceed former API CE class, thus API CF-4 oils substitute API CE oils class, subject to corresponding engine manufacturer recommendations.

  • Super Formula SAE 10W40 CF-4/SG
  • Super Formula SAE 15W40 CF-4/SG
  • Super Formula SAE 20W50 CF-4/SG


SL are an API oils subclass, its application field is multi-valve, turbo engines, operating on diluted fuel mixtures, complying with environmental and power saving requirements. Motor oils’ complying with API SL requirements are used upon the API SJ or earlier classes, auto manufacturer recommendations. CF oils class is an API or motor oil for direct injection diesel engine. A hyphen figure stands for two- or four-cycle engine. API CF class defines motor oils recommended for indirect injection diesel engines, as well as other diesel engines types, operating on different oil quality, including increased sulfur content once (for example, 0,5% of total mass content). API CF class certified motor oils are fortified with additives to provide more efficient piston deposits resistance, wear and copper corrosion (copper containing) bearings, which impacts greatly to such engines’ type operation, pumping in conventional manner or with the help of turbocharger or compressor. API CF motor oils are implemented when API CD quality class is specified.

  • Premium Formula SAE 10W40 SL/SG/CF
  • Premium Formula SAE 15W40 SL/SG/CF
  • Turbo Formula SAE 10W40 CD
  • Turbo Formula SAE 15W40 CD


CI-4 is an API class first blended in 2002. These motor oils are applied in modern diesel engines with various injection and boosting types, along with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system engines. API CI-4 class was implemented due to introduction of new and stricter environmental and exhaust emissions requirements, such requirements are claimed for engines manufactured since 1st October 2002. The regulations for soot formation, deposits, viscosity indexes, TBN value restriction were also tighten. Motor oils complying with API CI-4 are fortified with detergent-dispersants additives and provide excellent thermal oxidation resistance and higher dispersant qualities, compare to API CH-4 class. In addition, under gas exposure, such motor oils secure significant oil burning reduction due to volatility and evaporation decrease at operating temperatures up to 370 ° C. The cold pumping requirements tighten, motor thickening and clearance were enhanced at motor oil viscosity qualities improvement expense. API CI-4 classification may be used as a substitution for API CD, СЕ, CF-4, CG 4 and СН-4 oils.

  • Turbodiesel Formula SAE 10W40 CI-4
  • Turbodiesel Formula SAE 15W40 CI-4
  • Turbodiesel Formula SAE 15W40 CH-4
  • Turbodiesel Formula SAE 15W40 CG-4/SG