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MARINE. Marine Oils

Marine oils are designed for primary and secondary trunk-piston diesel engine lubrication for marine transport, fishing and river crafts. It is also used for ship mechanisms and units’ lubrication, if appropriate viscosity oil is requested (reducers, compressors, etc.).

Marine oils are applied in circular systems of crosshead diesel engines with high forcing ratio. M16G2TsS oil is recommended for trunk-piston and crosshead diesel engines lubrication, when sulphur mass content in fuel used doesn’t exceed 1,5%. They are manufactured on mineral oils base with effective additive package.


M-10G2TsS mineral oils are blended out of high quality foreign- and domestic-made additive package. They are applied for lubrication of circulating systems of high-speed and low-speed crosshead and trunk-piston diesels, reducers, compressors and auxiliary equipment of domestic and foreign vessel, requiring increased moisture resistance oils use. Also these oils are recommended for lubrication systems of low-speed diesel cylinders operating on up to 1.0% sulphur content fuels.


It is a motor oil with effective additive package. M-14G2TsS oil is designed for marine engines, reducers, stationary diesels and other ship mechanisms lubrication, including foreign-made once, manufactured by “Sulzer”, “Pielstick” and others. These oils are widely used in diesel locomotive ChN40/46 engines type, stationary diesel generators with CHN40 / 46 engines type. Such oils secure increased moisture resistance and water separation ability during centrifuge process.


M-16G2TsS motor oil is manufactured for high-speed trunk-pistol diesel engines lubrication for marine transport, fishing and river crafts, as well as lubrication of cylinders in crosshead trunk-piston diesels (automatically operating device for supplying lubrication under pressure). When sulphur mass content doesn’t exceed 1,5%, M-16G2TsS oil is produced from distillate and residual components combination of sulfur and low-sulfur solvent extracted oils. This oil was specially designed for severe conditions operation, when high temperature deposits are evolving. The oil shall secure reliable protective properties, such as stable high temperature viscosity, good antioxidation, antiwearing and many others important qualities. To insure solid performance under heavy conditions M-16G2TsS oil is fortified with significant amount (up to 12.5%) of specially selected effective additives, which provide its excellent operation characteristics. M-16G2TsS oils are recommended for their high moisture resistance, low water emulsifiability, as well as easy water separation properties.


It is a highly effective motor oil for various forcing speed marine diesels. M-14DTsL20 oils may be applied in equivalent diesels and diesel-generators of general purpose. М20G2SD is blended out of base residual oil, which secure stable and firm foil creation, and out of high effective additives, which provide high performance oil properties, such as high neutralizing ability, reliable anticorrosion and antiwear properties, and improved deposits resistance. М20G2SD oil is recommended as substitution for previous М-20В2SM, М-20В2F,М-20G2, МS-20P and М-20BP, for all diesels types, produced on this manufactory. М-20G2SD oil is an analogue for Mobil Delvac 1250 and Mobilgard 512 by Mobil Oil company, as well as is an analogue for Melina SAE 50 by Shell Int. company.