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The most important industrial oils characteristics include high anticorrosion and antioxidation protection level, well antifoam values and demulsifying properties. These oils provide sufficient lubrication of various systems, reasonable filterability and wear resistance, securing long lasting performance.


HLP oils are manufactured for hydraulic systems of foreign- and domestic-made industrial equipment, requiring high-quality formulated oils use. These oils are produced on mineral deep selective purification oils basis with multifunctioning additives, fortifying antioxidation, anticorrosion, antiwearing, depression, demulsifying and antifoam properties. Such oils are recommended to use in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment, operating under mechanical and thermal loading, equipped with servohydraulic installations, proportional control systems and filtering elements with filtration capacity 3–5 micron.

  • HLP-10
  • HLP-22
  • HLP-32
  • HLP-46
  • HLP-68

“A” Grade

Hydraulic “A” grade oils are manufactured from deep purified dearomatized oil basis fortified with viscosity, antioxidation, anticorrosion, depression and antifoam additives. Grade “A” oils are used in converter components and automatic transmissions and other vehicles, marine hatch covers hydro systems, hydraulic cranes and steering gears.

Plasavto Н-46

It is a high-quality hydraulic oil, providing excellent antiwearing, demulsifying and anticorrosion properties. It is recommended for hydro systems use under high pressure and hydraulic fluid consumption. The oil is specially produced for injection machines, thermoplastic automatons (TPA), and extrusion blowing machines of foreign- and domestic-made use.


These petroleum basis oils contain no additives, they are solvent extracted, sulphuric oil. I-12А oils are used for lubrication comprehensive components and mechanisms range in various industries, without any special compliance with anticorrosion and antioxidation oil properties. Essential petroleum nature of I-12A oils secure proper operation characteristics. I-12A oil is widely used for production additive oils, emulsifying compounds, technologic lubricants and fluids, viscous antifriction and preserving lubricants. I-12A oils provide distinct performance as operating fluid both in outdoor and indoor hydraulic transmissions.

I-20А and I-40А

These are distillate oils or residual and distillate petroleum oils blend, manufactured from sulphur and low-sulphur solvent extracted oils. I-20А‚ I-40А oils are applied in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment, construction, road and other vehicles, with outdoor operation. I-20A and I-40A oils performance characteristics secure their use for lubrication of light- and medium-loaded gears, slideway bearing and slipping of manufacturing machines as well as many others mechanisms without special oils requirements.


TP-22B and TP-22S are mineral oils blended out of sulphur and paraffin base, solvent extracted oils, recommended for lubrication and cooling of high-speed steam turbines, along with axial and centrifugal turbochargers, in condition of stable oil viscosity and reliable anticorrosion properties. These oils may be used as thickening agent or hydraulic fluid in appropriate thickening and operation systems.


TP-30 is a mineral oil formulated from sulphur and paraffin base solvent extracted oils. It is designed for lubrication and cooling turbochargers mechanisms, steam and gas turbines, hydraulic turbines, and also as a control systems’ hydraulic fluid. TP-30 oil is fortified with effective additives, providing required operation characteristics (anticorrosion, antioxidant, demulsifying and many others).


It is used for piston and rotary compressors moderate- (medium- and high- pressure) operation conditions under delivery temperature lower than 160 °С. According to the unified classification of Oils, KS-19 belongs to the first compressor oils group. KS-19 oil is widely used in many industry and transport areas, such as refrigeration, chemical and metallurgical industries, garage holding and pneumatic systems powering. According to the operation conditions KS-19 compressor oil is in direct interaction with high temperature pressured gas and provides lubrication (of cylinders and valves) as thickening agent (sealing the compressor chamber).


It is a multigrade transmission oil single for change and axle drive gears (two-stage gearbox with cylindrical and spiral gearwheels) in KAMAZ and other truck vehicles, operating under mild severe conditions. TSP-15K oil effectively protects transmission parts from wearing, high temperature deposits, corrosion, and prevents foam formation. It keeps proper transmission mechanisms performance under -20 up to +130 °С. It is a first filling oil on KamAz plant.


This multigrade hydraulic oil is manufactured on low viscosity, low-hardening oil base containing additives, providing required viscosity, antioxidation, wear resistant, anticorrosion, low temperature operation and antifoam properties. VMGZ hydraulic oil application provides reliable vehicles’ exploitation, ensures hydraulic transmission start under low temperatures without engine preheating and seasonal fluids change, and secure day-and-night hydraulic transmission vehicles service in north and north-west regions. This oil is recommended for all-season service in hydraulic transmissions and systems of construction, road, logging, weight-handling and many other vehicles. VMGZ-45 oil is also used in industrial outdoor operation equipment of High North region, Siberia and Far East. It also may be applied as special winter season grade in mild climate regions under -45° С up to +50° С temperature, depending on hydraulic pump type being used.


It is a high quality mineral oil for hydrostatic drives and transmissions, hydraulic systems of agricultural, road-constructionandmanyothermachineriesoperatingundersevereconditionsof 35 MPa with a short-term increase up to 42 MPa pressure.Temperature operation is ranging from -10 up to +80 °С. MGE-46B is blended out of excellent oil base components fortified with latest generation additives package, providing antioxidation, antiwearing, anticorrosion and other properties.